Health Policy

Health Policy


Robert Kaestner researches health economics and has devoted much of his study to the impact of health policy on health outcomes. He is a professor in the Department of Economics in Chicago and holds affiliate positions with the National Bureau of Economic Research, Urban Institute and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. 

Anthony T. Lo Sasso is an economist whose research spans several dimensions of health economics and health services research. Lo Sasso is keenly interested in how government policies affect private sector decisions. Lo Sasso has studied the impact of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program on uninsurance among children and the extent to which public coverage “crowded out” private coverage. In addition, he has examined how community rating provisions affected individual health insurance coverage and uninsurance.

Associate Professor

Darren Lubotsky’s research falls within two broad areas: the American labor market and the health and cognitive development of children. Some of his recent projects study the impact of rising health insurance premiums on public-sector compensation, the impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit on employment, and the economic status of immigrants in the United States.

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