Education and Learning

Education and Learning


Rachel Gordon chairs IGPA’s Working Group on Education and Learning. Her research broadly aims to measure and model the contexts of children and families’ lives, often using longitudinal data sets. She has examined numerous contextual and social factors that affect children and families. Some of her work examines the use of child care and preschool quality measures for high-stakes policy purposes, the health outcomes of child care and maternal employment, and the implications of teenagers’ looks for their social and academic achievement.

Associate Professor

Elizabeth T. Powers is a member of the IGPA working group on Education and Learning. She has conducted research on the incentive effects of public insurance programs, the effects of child health on maternal labor supply, employment effects of the minimum wage, and the caregiver labor market. Ongoing research projects are in the areas of children’s cognitive development, U.S.-Mexican migration, child support policy, work disability and the Disability Insurance program, and long-term care facilities.

Senior Lecturer and Program Coordinator of the Early Childhood Education Program

Catherine Main is a member of the Education and Learning working group. She is a senior lecturer in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where her clinical and research interests focus on developing early childhood educators to serve in under-resourced, urban environments.

Benjamin M. Superfine is a member of the working group on Education and Learning, and is a professor in the College of Education at UIC, where his research interests center on education law and policy.

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