Fiscal Futures Project Documentation: November 2016

November 29, 2016

Fiscal Futures Project Documentation: November 2016


The Fiscal Futures Project, which began in 2008, is dedicated to informing the public and policymakers in Illinois about long-term budget issues.  The Fiscal Futures Project has developed and refined two important tools over the last eight and one-half years. 

  • All Funds Budget Database:  A broadly comprehensive measure of the Illinois budget with component spending and revenue categories that are consistently defined over time.
  • Fiscal Futures Model:  A computer program that uses the All Funds Budget Database and the REAL model to project Illinois state spending and revenue streams into the future under current or alternative policies.

This report documents the detailed definitions, assumptions and sources of information used by the most recent versions of the database and the model. 


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Research Area: Fiscal and Economic Policy

Policy Initiative: none