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IGPA improves public policy discussion through non-partisan, evidence-based research and public engagement in Illinois.


IGPA is committed to public engagement that fosters conversation on the most important issues facing the state and nation today. With our partners, we provide regular events such as forums and lectures, as well as annual leadership training programs and learning opportunities. If you have a question about a specific event or program, please contact Coordinator of IGPA Collaborations Alyssa Cooper at

The Edgar Fellows Program focuses on developing leadership and governing capacity in Illinois.

Ethics, integrity, and understanding opposing viewpoints defined the career of Paul H. Douglas, who served as U.S. Senator from Illinois from 1949-1967.

IGPA will hold a virtual program for the NEW Leadership class of 2022. IGPA will join our National NEW Leadership partners from 15 states across the county to offer a five-day virtual program.

IGPA, in conjunction with the University of Illinois System, and the University of Oxford have partnered to create the Research and Impact Exchange.


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