Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

The Copyright Policy Initiative aims to address gaps in the knowledge base about intellectual property law, organizations in the educational testing industry and their impact on educational assessments. The project expects to yield recommendations for policymakers and those engaged in intellectual property law in the testing industry, as well as those who develop assessment tools in child care and education.


News Release: IGPA research explores challenges regarding ownership of testing and other educational products

A recent federal requirement that tests, evaluations and other education products developed using federal money be in the public domain has policy implications that should be explored, according to new research at the University of Illinois.

The study by researchers Benjamin Superfine and Rachel Gordon examined how the new requirement affects the “technology transfer process” (TTP), the systems and procedures by which scientific inventions are shared. They were curious about the impact on educational products and education.

IGPA team releases policy brief on intellectual property questions surrounding educational products developed using public dollars

IGPA's Copyright Policy Initiative has released its first policy brief in its study of intellectual property questions surrounding the development of evaluation tools for education.

Who owns educational products that are developed with public dollars, and the rights to distribute them?


This policy brief looks at policies that affect what scholars call the school improvement industry. It focuses on how products developed within this industry - many with development and use paid for by public schools and state or federal education agencies - are disseminated via open- or closed-source licensing.


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