Robert Kaestner

Robert Kaestner

IGPA Professor


Department of Economics

University of Illinois at Chicago

412 S. Peoria St., MC-191, Chicago, IL 60607; (312) 413-9448

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Health Policy
Social Policy
Economic Policy

Robert Kaestner's area of expertise are health, labor and social policy. He is an expert in health and labor economics and has conducted research on the effects of Medicaid and private health insurance on infant and child health; whether or not expansions in Medicaid crowded out private health insurance; the effect of Medicare coverage on health behaviors, prescription drug use, hospitalizations and mortality; the impact of state policies on the timing, place of occurrence and incidence of abortion; the effects of welfare reform on employment, fertility, health insurance and health; the effect of Title IX on adolescent physical activity and weight. He has authored more than 100 scholarly publications and has been awarded several research grants from the National Institutes of Health.


Professional Appointments

Affiliated Scholar, Urban Institute

Consultant, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research

Co-editor, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

Associate Editor, Journal of Health Economics

Associate Editor, American Journal of Health Economics

Associate Editor, Review of the Economics of the Household

Editorial Board, Demography


PhD: City University of New York, 1988

MA, BA: State University of New York at Binghamton, 1983, 1980