Translating Research Into Public Health
Policy and Practice: Stock Inhalers for Schools


Feb 17


11:00 am

12:00 pm


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Population Health Sciences Program




Featuring Lynn B. Gerald, PhD, MSPH Distinguished Outreach Professor Professor and Zuckerman Family Endowed Chair Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health Scientist Asthma & Airway Disease Research Center University of Arizona Health Sciences.

For children with asthma, access to quick relief medication is critical to minimizing morbidity and mortality. However, research has shown that may children do not have their quick relief medication with them at school when they experience respiratory symptoms. A simple practical approach to ensure access at school is to maintain a supply of stock albuterol that can be used by any student who experiences respiratory distress. Dr. Gerald will discuss how her research with schools led to advocacy for a state law in Arizona to improve access to quick relief medication at school. She will discuss the process of using her research to craft state legislation and facilitate program implementation. She will also discuss outcomes from the program implementation and current work to disseminate both stock albuterol legislation and implementation across the United States.

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