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Family Impact Seminars

About the Family Impact Seminars

IGPA is part of a national network of 32 universities offering the Family Impact Seminars (FIS). Building on IGPA’s existing programs, these briefings regularly contribute to knowledge-based dialogue around family policy issues. The Family Impact Seminars provide evidence-based information to Illinois policymakers, practitioners, and the public on pressing family-policy issues that are currently facing the state. The Policy Institute for Family Impact Seminars network is directed by Karen Bogenschneider of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. IGPA faculty member Rachel Gordon has directed the Illinois Family Impact Seminars since 2006.

Founding partners for the seminars include the Institute for Juvenile Research in the Department of Psychiatry on the Chicago campus and the Department of Human and Community Development and the School of Social Work on the Urbana-Champaign campus.


Click here to learn about the 2013 Family Impact Seminar on Reducing Disparities in Safe Sleep Practices. In 2014, researchers built on the 2013 seminar with a meeting in Washington D.C. to identify policy-relevant research projects that a multi-disciplinary team could pursue about adult-infant bed sharing and sudden infant deaths, with particular attention to racial disparities in infant mortality and safe sleep practices. Click here to learn more about the meeting.