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The IGPA State Summit is an annual event that focuses on a critical issue facing the state of Illinois. Our goal with each summit is to create a space where evidence-based analysis can be presented and where ideas for addressing significant problems can be exchanged, discussed, and even debated.

The concept is to bring the key stakeholders on a particular issue together for dialogue and deliberations. Our only agenda is to provide participants with the best and most up to date information we can assemble – information that is based on what the best evidence tells us. It is also our goal to provide participants with new perspectives and ways to think about key issues and to introduce options for solutions that may not have been given much attention up to this point in time.

The State Summit 2013 brought together leaders in policymaking, fiscal analysis, and advocacy to focus on the state fiscal situation and discuss ways to address Illinois’ persistent budget shortfall. Leading experts presented new research and analysis on tax policy and the reform process.

The State Summit 2011, which represents our second event of this type, brought together top leaders and decision makers to discuss one of the most pressing issues facing Illinois today: public employee pension policy. IGPA selected pensions as the State Summit topic in 2011 because the issue is crucial to the long-term fiscal stability of our state. Pension reform is a key issue in the public and private sectors throughout the United States. Illinois has the most underfunded public employee pension system in the nation, which has created a problem that must be addressed. Although policymakers disagree about what should be done to reform the policy, there is general agreement that the current course is unsustainable. Read the State Summit 2011 Report.

The State Summit 2010 assembled leaders in government, research, advocacy, and the health care industry to discuss the future of Medicaid in Illinois. The goal of the event was to discuss paths toward reform that will bring financial stability to the program while keeping its costs under control, especially in light of the state's large budget deficit problem. More than two and a half million Illinois citizens rely on Medicaid. It is a critical program that provides essential health care services for our most disadvantaged citizens. Several changes have occurred in recent years that contribute to an ongoing increase in Medicaid’s share of the state budget. This has an impact on the state’s structural deficit crisis. The State Summit posed the question: How can we maintain or improve this important public service, while also making a serious commitment to fiscal responsibility? Read the State Summit 2010 Report.