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Scholars at IGPA spend decades conducting in-depth research on important policy questions. The state’s leaders seek comprehensive answers to the state’s biggest challenges. IGPA’s new Policy Initiatives will seek to build a bridge between these worlds, connecting the university’s research to practice in the public sector through both study and public engagement.

Nearly 40 up and coming leaders from across Illinois spent five days in Urbana-Champaign in August at the third annual session of the Edgar Fellows Program. (See full list of participants here.)

Forty emerging leaders from throughout Illinois have been chosen as 2014 Edgar Fellows in the third year of an initiative to stimulate cooperation across regional, political and ethnic lines as the state continues to face major challenges in the years and decades ahead. Click here for a full list of participants (PDF).

On May 20 in Washington DC, IGPA will host a brainstorming meeting regarding unanswered questions in the prevention of infant mortality, particularly risks related to adult-infant bed sharing.



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