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IGPA Experts

Jeffrey Brown is an expert in economic policy and retirement research.

Jorge Chapa is an expert on demographics and policy issues related to immigration.

Richard F. Dye is an expert on state and local government finance as it relates to economic  development. He is co-director of the Fiscal Futures Project.

Jim Edgar is a distinguished fellow at IGPA and was the 38th governor of Illinois.

Don Fullerton is associate director of IGPA for Urbana-Champaign and a member of the IGPA faculty. He is an expert on tax policy, energy and environmental policy issues. 

Brian J. Gaines studies elections, political behavior, and political institutions.

J. Fred Giertz served as director of IGPA from Sept. 4, 2012-July 31, 2013.  He also compiles the U of I Flash Index, a monthly indicator of the Illinois economy.

Rachel Gordon serves as associate director of IGPA for Chicago and is a member of the IGPA faculty.  She is a Professor of Sociology at UIC and studies issues related to the well-being of children and their families.

George Gross studies power system analysis, economics, and electric utility regulatory policy.

Cedric Herring is an expert on labor force issues and policies, and racial discrimination issues. 

Geoffrey J.D. Hewings is an internationally known expert in the field of urban and regional economic analysis.

Stanley O. Ikenberry served as President of the University of Illinois for 16 years. He is an expert on higher education issues.

Robert Kaestner is an expert on the economics of health care.

Maria Krysan focuses her research on racial attitudes and segregation.

James Kuklinski studies racial politics and the relationship between public opinion and policy making.

Laura L. Kunard is director of IGPA's Center for Public Safety and Justice.

Anthony T. Lo Sasso studies how government policies affect private sector decisions.

Darren H. Lubotsky focuses his research on the economic impact of social policy issues, particularly education and immigration.

Martin Luby is an expert in municipal bond markets, state and local government financial instruments, and fiscal federalism. 

David F. Merriman is co-director of the Fiscal Futures Project at IGPA. His research focuses on state and local public finance. He is an expert on property tax caps.


Christopher Z. Mooney is director of IGPA. He is a nationally recognized expert on comparative state politics and government.

Peter Mulhall is the director of IGPA’s Center for Prevention Research and Development.

Elizabeth T. Powers is an expert on social policies, including welfare, and public health insurance.

Menah Pratt-Clarke is associate chancellor and director of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Kent Redfield is an expert in campaign financing and political ethics.

Julian Reif is an expert in health economics and policy.

Robert W. Resek is a former vice president for academic affairs at the University of Illinois and is an expert in economics.

Richard J. Winkel directs IGPA's Office of Public Leadership and is an adjunct professor of law. He is an expert in state politics and in public school financing.


Flash Index Title

The State of the Illinois Economy

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