Tools to Address Revenue
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    Illinois doesn't tax retirement income, creating a tax expenditure of approximately $2 billion per year.

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    The state has a number of options for changing the personal income tax, each with different effects.

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    If the 2011 tax increase phases out as scheduled, Illinois will have to find $5 billion in replacement revenue every year.

Tools to Address Spending
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    Making further cuts to higher education could have long-term impacts that ripple out well beyond campuses.

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    Health care spending dominates the overal state budget. But after Illinois made cuts to Medicaid in 2012, and Congress passed the ACA, what more can the state do to control costs?

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    How can legislators control future costs by bending the upward curve of spending?

Overall Analysis

Toolbox Fundamentals


IGPA is teaming up with U of I Extension Local Government Information and Education Network to host monthly webinars on topics from the Illinois Budget Policy Toolbox.

Recession headlines

Illinois' economy is struggling to recover from the recession. A long-term structural imbalance will only intensify the state's fiscal woes.

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Doing nothing, or "muddling through" comes with great risk and long-term consequences.

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The goals for good budget reform are often not consistent with each other, so policymakers in state government must make tradeoffs among them. 

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