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About IGPA
Where leaders turn for analysis of crucial issues.
The Institute of Government and Public Affairs is a public policy research organization based in Chicago and Urbana-Champaign. IGPA's mission is to improve public policy and government performance by:
  • producing and distributing cutting-edge research and analysis
  • engaging the public in dialogue and education
  • providing practical assistance in decision making to government and policymakers

The institute's work not only advances knowledge, but also provides real solutions for the state's most difficult challenges. IGPA plays an important role in assisting government to better serve the public good. IGPA provides access to top-quality University of Illinois research to improve decision making at every level of government. 

IGPA is distinct among premier policy research units because of its dedication to public engagement. IGPA's programming includes seminar series, public lectures, leadership training, and conferences.

Dedicated Faculty 

The faculty and professionals at IGPA are dedicated to responding rapidly to the challenges facing society and assisting government to meet those challenges. IGPA experts are recognized for: 

  • innovative research
  • highly ranked education
  • pragmatic training
  • informed consultation

IGPA faculty members hold joint appointments with departments such as political science, sociology, economics and public health.