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Each year, our IGPA experts take a fresh look at the state's biggest challenges in The Illinois Report. This sixth edition examines a host of issues that are crucial to our future, including the state's budget deficit, its changing demographics, and its educational needs.

The report has a singular goal - providing nonpartisan, evidence-based analysis to help guide decision-makers and steer Illinois toward a new era of economic and social growth that will make it a model for the nation.

Highlights from The Illinois Report 2012 include:

The Institute of Government and Public Affairs provides this information in a nonpartisan way, comparing and contrasting policies and practices in Illinois with those of our peer states, and proposing policy options where evidence suggests ideas worthy of consideration. IGPA is proud to be part of a set of challenging deliberations and discussions in this state. As always, our faculty researchers and staff stand ready to respond quickly to assist the policy discussion in the year ahead.

Please do not hesitate to contact IGPA to receive a hard copy of The Illinois Report 2012. Click the "Request a Copy" link above.

Facing the Demographic Reality